Is It Recyclable?

  1. Aluminum Can 471x441

  1. Put some spring in your clean by recycling home chemicals

    Save your shelf this spring by cleaning up old paint, batteries and fuels from sheds, garages and under sinks! Read on...
  2. 5K and family fun at the SWA Soiree April 2

    Bring your family out to celebrate the harmony of industry and nature and bring awareness to recycling and solid waste issues. Read on...
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  1. In the Bin: Old news edition

    We sometimes see the strangest items surrendered in recycling bins and at Home Chemical and Recycling Centers. In the Bin is a recurring feature that highlights the more delightful odds and ends that make their way through Palm Beach County's waste...

  2. Making a landfill live longer

    As someone who has spent a fair amount of time in the glamorous world of solid waste, I am enthralled by the idea of digging into closed landfills. What would you find? The possibilities are perturbing and endless. The SWA recently undertook a...

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Doing Our Part

  1. SWA HCRC March 2017

    ~ SWA’s March household hazardous waste tip ~

    Is your shed shrouded in shellac? Do you have harsh cleaners hiding under your sink? Are gallons of gasoline gathering in your garage? Maybe it's time for a little spring cleaning! Improper disposal of hazardous items can expose people, pets and our environment to harmful chemicals. The regular trash or being dumped down sewers or storm drains are not the places for cleaners, paints, pesticides and automotive products.

    Palm Beach County residents can take their household hazardous wastes to any of the SWA’s seven Home Chemical and Recycling Centers for FREE and safe disposal.

    Learn more March 1»