Integrated Solid Waste Management System

At the core of all we do at SWA is an Integrated Solid Waste Management (ISWM) System.

Through this system, our ultimate goal is to reduce the amount of waste that must be placed in landfills for disposal, while being environmentally responsible and fiscally sound.

We establish programs and operate facilities to help us achieve this goal.
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Elements of our ISWM System include:
  • Source reduction - Lessening the amount of waste that reaches SWA through educational efforts and incentive programs.
  • Recycling - Separating materials from the waste stream, either at the source or by recovering materials from mixed waste prior to disposal, and turning those products materials into commodities.
  • Combustion - Using municipal solid waste as a fuel source to create renewable energy, while significantly reducing the volume of waste that needs to be landfilled.
  • Landfilling - The final disposal option for anything that cannot be recycled or combusted. 
To learn more about the existing facilities that encompass our ISWM System, our former facilities that have been repurposed into new uses for the community, or other private solid waste management facilities permitted by SWA, please visit the following pages.