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Storm Updates

Palm Beach County is in the process of cleaning up after Hurricane Irma.

Garbage collection resumed in the unincorporated parts of the County Tuesday, Sept. 12 and recycling collection resumed Wednesday, Sept. 13.

Truck certifications for Debris Management Sites began Tuesday, Sept. 12 at 10 a.m. at four locations.

Temporary Debris Management Sites opened Thursday, Sept. 14 at eight locations around the County for the certified haulers to use.

Only certified haulers are able to pick up debris left at the curb and drop it off at these sites. This is so the SWA and the municipalities that use them have the best chance to get reimbursed from FEMA for their storm recovery efforts.

Residents are not able to take their storm vegetation debris to these sites. However, should a resident want to remove the vegetation themselves, they can:
NOTE: residents who do either of these two methods will not be reimbursed by FEMA or the SWA for their costs.
There is an estimated 3 million cubic yards of vegetative debris on the ground, which is nearly two years of typical generation that needs to be picked up. It may take up to six weeks to complete the first pass and up to three months before all the storm debris is picked up. 
As of Tuesday, Sept. 19, any yard waste placed in bags and cans at the curb is to be picked up by regular curbside collection haulers on the regularly scheduled waste collection day, along with small vegetation piles that are 4 cubic yards or less.

The Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County asks residents to be patient while this debris cleanup takes place. Multiple passes will be made in each neighborhood to collect it all. If a resident has questions related to their garbage pickup, they should call SWA Customer Information Services at 561-697-2700.