Current SWA Facilities

  1. Biosolids Processing Facility

    The Biosolids Processing Facility (BPF) accepts wastewater treatment residuals (biosolids) from six local wastewater treatment facilities and dries the biosolids into a safe fertilizer product. The heat needed to dry the biosolids comes from landfill gas generated at the nearby Palm Beach Renewable Energy Park Landfill.

  2. Customer Convenience Drop-off Center

    The Customer Convenience Drop-off Center (CCDC) is being constructed at the Palm Beach Renewable Energy Park, slated to open later in 2015. Residents and small haulers who do not have automatic self-dumping trucks may visit the CCDC. There, they can sort wastes by hand into combustible and non-combustible containers, guided by SWA staff, to maximize the amount of waste going to the Renewable Energy Facilities and minimize the waste going directly to the landfill.

  3. Ferrous Collection/Transfer Facility

    The Ferrous Processing Facility (FPF) is centrally located within the Renewable Energy Park.

  4. Landfill at Palm Beach Renewable Energy Park

    The Solid Waste Authority Landfill is located near the intersection of S.R. 710 and Jog Road in northern Palm Beach County.

  5. Recovered Materials Processing Facility

    The SWA Recovered Materials Processing Facility (RMPF) receives, sorts, processes, and prepares for market materials collected through the SWA's recycling program.

  6. Renewable Energy Facilities

    SWA has two Renewable Energy Facilities that accept the majority of the solid waste collected in Palm Beach County to generate power. This greatly reduces the volume of waste that goes into our landfill and generates revenue from the sale of power, reducing our overall costs.

  7. Transfer Stations

    The Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County has 6 strategically located transfer facilities throughout Palm Beach County.

  8. Renewable Energy

    You probably know the SWA for our garbage and recycling programs, but did you know we are a major producer of renewable energy?