Customer Convenience Drop-off Center

The SWA is constructing a Customer Convenience Drop-off Center (CCDC). The goal for this facility is to have a safe, easy location for residents and small haulers to drop off their combustible and noncombustible wastes, rather than requesting customers to drive their personal vehicles to the working face of our Palm Beach Renewable Energy Park Landfill. The facility is slated to open summer of 2015. 

Once open, the SWA staff will greet customers at the CCDC, assist with sorting materials, and transport the materials to their final destination. Combustible waste will be processed at one of our Renewable Energy Facilities. Recyclable materials will be recovered and processed at one of our processing facilities. All remaining noncombustible waste will be landfilled.  

If you are cleaning out the garage; doing demolition and renovation; or want to dump trash, yard wastes, or other smaller loads, bring them here.