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An ecotone is the area of land in between two different habitats. Often there is a higher diversity of animals living in this area where two habitats meet. Learn more about ecotones here.
The SWA restored the banks of the Lake Altman, creating a healthy and diverse riparian zone. This ecotone between a wetland and an upland habitat provide unique spaces for plants and animals to live.

Aquatic plants are able to root into the soil and their leaves can still reach the sunlight. Fish, turtles, crayfish, snakes, and other aquatic critters find a home or a meal around these plants.

In deeper waters, fewer plants can root in the ground and still have their leaves reach the sunlight. Without plants growing, fewer animals will live in this area.

Orange Box - Do Your Part GenericCheck out the many ecotones on the SWA Greenway Trail System. See the transition from lake, to marsh, to wet prairie, to cypress swamp, to pine flatwoods, to cabbage palm hammock, and back again. This diversity of connected habitats provides lots of space for many different types of animals like deer, bobcats, alligators, wading birds, and more!

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Often the smallest actions can have large impacts. Restoring a habitat is equally as important as restoring the connection of that habitat to surrounding areas. Consider small actions you can take in your life and the size of the impact.
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