Recycling At Work

Palm Beach County Businesses generate more than half of the 1.4 million tons of solid waste generated in Palm Beach County every year.  Much of this waste is highly recyclable cardboard and office paper.

Business participation is critical to helping the SWA achieve the County's 50% waste reduction goal.  That's why the SWA is committed to helping businesses recycle by providing free waste audits and technical support.



What You Can Recycle

Drop-off Locations

Want to start a recycling program at your business?

Request a Waste Audit

Recycling Question?

What is a Waste Audit?

A Waste Audit is an evaluation of your company's current waste stream.  The SWA can help you:

  • determine the quantity of recyclable materials currently being disposed,

  • provide recommendations for cost reduction,

  • provide a proposal for recycling program implementation, and

  • provide employee education  presentations.

As necessary, the SWA will provide desk-side collection bins, central collection bins, educational materials, and posters.

How does my company reduce waste?

  • Buy products made from recyclable materials.

  • Incorporate policies requiring recycled content when purchasing.

  • Order supplies in bulk to reduce packaging.

  • Contract with environmentally responsible companies.




Use one of our Drop-off Locations

What if I can't recycle at work?

If recycling isn't available in your office or building you can still recycle.  The SWA provides recycling drop-off locations throughout Palm Beach County.  There's one near you.