Is This Recyclable?

  1. SWA’s June Household Hazardous Waste Tip

    Got a sinking feeling that your boat might harbor hazards? Read on...
  2. Is this recyclable? New apps search disposal database, find trash and recycling pick up days

    How often do you find yourself with an item in hand and pause to ponder: Is this recyclable? Now there is an easy way to find out what is recyclable in Palm Beach County’s dual stream recycling system! Read on...
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  1. Dear Recyclinda: Does the SWA sort recyclables out of the trash?

    Dear Recyclinda, Last night, our local "driveway buddies" were having a couple cold ones and solving the problems of the world. I asked where the blue recycle bin was to dispose of a brew bottle. One of the guys said, "Just throw it in the big blue...

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