Recycling at Home

Recycling is available to all Palm Beach County residents. With your help, we've made Palm Beach County's recycling program one of the best in the country. In fact, Palm Beach County's recyclables are known worldwide for being of the highest quality. If you currently recycle, we thank you. If you don't, we urge you to start.

Recycling preserves our natural resources and prolongs the life of our landfill. The Solid Waste Authority has adopted the state's 75% waste reduction goal. Palm Beach County achieved the highest recycling rate in the state in 2022 at 80%. If we're going to continue to exceed this goal, we need everyone to do their part. 

Recycling is easy in Palm Beach County, but it's important to know how to recycle correctly.

Recycling Bins

Multi-Family Recycling Bins
These recycling containers are only for multi-family complexes with dumpster service. They are serviced mechanically.
Recycling Bins

These recycling containers are for curbside collection only. They are serviced manually.

Yellow Bin

Paper products go into your yellow bin. Palm Beach County only recycles:

  • Cardboard 
    • Flattened or boxes nested; All non-cardboard packing materials removed
  • Newspapers and inserts  
    • No plastic bags
  • Dry food and pizza boxes  
    • No food stains
  • Cardboard paper rolls
  • Office and school paper
  • Mail
  • Magazines
  • Paper bags
Recycle Right yellow bin gets

Blue Bin

Palm Beach County only recycles:

  • Plastic bottles and containers 
    • Lids on; 2 gallons or less 
  • Food and beverage cans
  • Glass bottles and jars 
    • Lids off
  • Milk and juice cartons (aseptic containers) 
    • Lids on 
  • Drink boxes
    • No pouches
    • No straws
Recycle Right blue bin gets

Please, No ...

The only materials that can be recycled in Palm Beach County's program are the ones listed above. Please do not place anything else into your recycling bin, including:

  • Plastic bags
  • Foam products
  • Aluminum foil or pans
  • Shredded paper
  • Plastic eating utensils or straws
  • Paper plates
  • Paper towels or napkins
  • Coat hangers
  • Light bulbs
  • Needles


  • Needles. Call 561-837-5900 for disposal.
  • Lithium batteries. Drop at Home Chemical & Recycling Center or retailer near you. Learn more.

These items could endanger the safety of waste workers, harm the environment or damage the recycling center's equipment.

When in doubt, throw it out!

Participate in our Plastic Bag Xchange2 Program to keep single-use plastic bags out of the recycling stream, while learning to 'recycle right.'

Wondering if something is recyclable? Search our Disposal Database»

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When moving to a new address, leave the garbage cart and recycling bins at your old address. Place them behind the home so that they are not visible from the street. If you move to a new address and there are no blue or yellow recycle bins, please call 866-NEW-BINS or request new recycling bins online.