Facility Rules

Rental Facility Rules
  1. Based on the activity and participants, more staff and security officers may be required at the group's expense. Risk Management reserves the right to add security officer(s) at any time during the event at the group's expense.
  2. Decorations must meet the approval of the Risk Manager or his/her designee in advance. Decorations must be freestanding or tabletop. Nothing may be hung from walls or ceilings, unless approved by the Risk Manager or his/her designee. Lobby furniture may not be moved.
  3. The SWA facility is a non-smoking and drug-free environment. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on the premises. Use of tobacco products is not permitted in the facility. Visitors that wish to use tobacco products may do so outside of the facility.
  4. Children must be supervised by an adult throughout the time that they are on the premises, unless they are in a supervised program.
  5. Please leave the facility and its contents in the same condition in which you found them. Please place all trash in the trash dumpster outside of the building.
  6. The group will be responsible for the replacement or repairs of any part of the building or its contents therein, which becomes broken, defaced, or damaged as a result of the group's event.
  7. The group contact is required to attend all meetings and remain on the premises until all members have left and will walk through the facility with staff prior to leaving.
  8. No admission will be charged unless specified in writing at the time the use application is signed.
  9. A Certificate of Insurance, security, and additional requirements may be required for some events, programs, activities, and meetings.
  10. If an event continues after scheduled ending time without approval by management, the group shall be subject to appropriate overtime rates and charges. Facility hours are 8 a.m. - 9:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. These are normal operating hours and will only be extended with the approval of the Risk Manager or his/her designee.
  11. Storage space is not available for groups using the facility.
  12. Fees will only be accepted during office hours at the Solid Waste Authority of PBC, Administration Building, 7501 N. Jog Road, West Palm Beach, Florida 33412. They may also be mailed to that address.
  13. Parking is allowed only in designated facility parking spaces.
  14. The facility is under the exclusive control of the Solid Waste Authority of PBC Risk Management Department. SWA employees have the authority and will enforce all rules and regulations governing use of the facility.
  15. Persons using the facility will obey all posted signs.
  16. No persons shall willfully mark, deface, destroy, damage, tamper with, displace or remove any part of the SWA facility.
  17. No fishing, hunting, boating, swimming or fruit picking is allowed on the premises.
  18. Any activity in the SWA facility will be conducted according to applicable laws, rules, regulations, and city and county ordinances.
  19. We will allow no events on the following holidays:
    • New Years Eve
    • New Years Day
    • Thanksgiving Day
    • Christmas Eve
    • Christmas Day
    For any other SWA holidays, an overtime rate will be assessed and will be determined by the Risk Manager or his/her designee.
  20. No pets are allowed within the facility with the exception of guide or service dogs, unless prior approval is obtained from the Risk Manager or his/her designee.
  21. Courtesy and safety are mandatory. Equipment abuse, profanity, and fighting are unacceptable behavior and may result in expulsion from the facility.
  22. If the group uses a DJ for an event, please note that fog machines are not permitted. The use of any type of incendiary materials is strictly prohibited.
  23. Event times must include the set-up and breakdown times.
  24. No retails sales will be permitted in areas other than the specific areas of the use agreement.
  25. Absolutely no weapons are to be brought to the SWA facility.
  26. At the discretion of the SWA staff or security officers present at an event, an event may be cancelled with no refund or prorating of fees if the event participants do not adhere to the Facility rules.
  27. Use of any type of lighted candles in the SWA facility is strictly prohibited. There are no exceptions.
  28. The entire SWA facility is under 24 hour video surveillance.
  29. All required fire exits may not be blocked. All exits must be kept clear and unobstructed.