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Storm Updates

(09-03-2019 @ 340P) 
All SWA facilities will be open Wednesday, Sept. 4 and garbage collection will occur in unincorporated PBC.

No Temporary Debris Management Sites will open. If cities need to haul debris, they should take it to the landfill on N. Jog Road.

The SWA will participate in the PBC League of Cities EOC call Wednesday (09-04-2019) at 12 p.m. to answer any question or concerns.

Creating a Municipal Debris Management Site

Awarded Contracts for Hurricane Debris Removal, Reduction & Disposal Contractors

See the list of hurricane / disaster debris removal, reduction and disposal contractors who have been awarded contracts with the Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County.

Guidance for Establishment, Operation & Closure of Disaster Debris Management Site

For municipalities and other private entities wishing to activate their own Disaster Debris Management Site (DDMS) for recovery efforts after a hurricane, please contact Laxmana Tallam at the Palm Beach County Health Department.

Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Guidance document for the establishment, operation and closure of DDMS can be found at Staging Areas for Storm-Generated Debris (PDF).

Private Property Debris Removal (PPDR) and Gated Communities

Removal of storm debris from private property or in gated communities is generally not eligible for reimbursement under the FEMA Public Assistance (PA) Program. However, when debris on private property is so widespread that it threatens public health and safety or economic recovery of a community, FEMA may provide PA funding for this debris removal.

Approval for PPDR

Due to the magnitude of recent disaster events, FEMA has simplified the process for PPDR approval. Applicants (i.e. Local Government) must provide a written notice through the Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM) to FEMA identifying areas where PPDR activities will occur (including identification of gated or ungated communities, orphaned roads, or commercial properties). Once the notice is submitted, the Applicant does not need to wait for FEMA’s approval to start work. However, the Applicant must submit its written request for FEMA’s approval so that it may receive reimbursement for PPDR work. FEMA may only approve reimbursement based on the Applicant’s satisfactory demonstration (including relevant documentation) that the:

  • PPDR was in the public interest
  • Applicant has legal authority to perform debris removal activities on private property
  • Applicant agrees to indemnify the Federal Government (including FEMA)
  • Applicant obtained and complied with applicable permits or approvals for the locations of temporary debris staging and reduction sites and final debris disposal sites
  • Applicant has satisfied all legal processes and obtained permission from the property owners (rights-of-entry or other unconditional authorization) and agreements to indemnify and hold harmless the Federal government

Debris Management Meeting

The SWA hosted its annual Debris Management Meeting on May 1, 2019. Get all the updates online.

Connect with the SWA
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Local Government FEMA Compliance
View information provided to municipalities to assist them with FEMA compliance.

Debris Recovery Ordinance
In order to comply with FEMA requirements, the SWA amended its Mandatory Collection Resolution, and the SWA and Palm Beach County have worked together to adopt the Palm Beach County Post-Disaster Debris Recovery Ordinance.
Plans & Documents
Access and download storm plans, links, and other resources.

Hurricane FAQs
View frequently asked questions about hurricane preparedness and debris pickup.