Home Sweet Habitat
ArrowA habitat is where animals find the food, water, shelter and space they need to live.

All living organisms need a suitable habitat that meets their life needs. Each animal and plant is uniquely adapted to a specific habitat. You wouldn’t feel as comfortable living in a tree, while a hawk would not feel at home in your house. How would you find the things you need if you lived in this wetland?

Learn more about what a habitat is and what animals need in their habitat from the National Park Service»

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Never feed wildlife. Feeding wildlife is dangerous for people and the animals, too! 

For more information on why wildlife need wild food click here.
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If you are eager to have wildlife visit you, make your garden a bird and butterfly habitat instead!

Get started with general tips for attracting wildlife to your backyard from the National Wildlife Federation. Then, dig in deeper with advice from the Florida Native Plant Society.
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Home Sweet Habitat
Home Sweet Habitat - Snail Kite

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Dr. Tom, Professor of Ecology and Evolution, shares a song explaining adaptations of woodpeckers that live on the trails.
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Inspirational Leader: E.O Wilson

EO_wilson"In his long career, he has transformed his field of research—the behavior of ants—and applied his scientific perspective and experience to illuminate the human circumstance, including human origins, human nature, and human interactions. Wilson has also been a pioneer in spearheading efforts to preserve and protect the biodiversity of this planet.” Discover the his legacy» 

Watch the award-winning episode on "E.O. Wilson - Of Ants and Men" from PBS which was described as, “An exploration of the remarkable life and groundbreaking ideas of biologist E.O Wilson, founder of the discipline of sociobiology.”
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