Wildlife Detectives

Spotting wildlife requires a keen eye and patience. If you do spot wildlife, keep yourself and wildlife safe. Only observe wildlife, never feed wild animals or get too close. Consider Wildlife Viewing Ethics from the National Park Service. 

Learn more about the hidden animals on the trails by studying the evidence they leave behind. Use guides like the one from Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission.

Another way to identify wildlife is by using your sense of hearing. Birds have distinct calls and their sounds can be used to identify them. Think you know your bird calls? Test your skills or learn how our native birds sounds. Use the Merlin Bird ID App, developed by the Cornell Ornithology Lab, to hear hundreds of birds living in the Greenway, throughout Florida, and the U.S. This app can also help you identify birds seen based on their size, color, body shape and beak.
Orange Box - Do Your Part GenericTake it a step further and conduct citizen science. Report the signs of wildlife you see on the trails. This information helps scientists locally and nationally keep track of animal populations and behaviors.
Wildlife Detectives
Bellowing Beasts
Alligators are sneaky predators; they often hide in plain sight. Hear sounds of alligators in Everglades National Park. 

Dr. Tom, Professor of Ecology and Evolution, shares a song exploring evidence left by wildlife.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission

Observations made by the public help the scientists collect more data than they would ever be able to internally. Browse the list of ongoing projects that you can contribute to. “The information you provide is valuable, giving our staff an enhanced, up-to-date picture of the status of Florida’s fish and wildlife.”

Bird Monitoring

The Cornell Ornithology Lab 

Butterfly Monitoring

The local chapter of the North American Butterfly Association 
The Butterflies and Moths of North America 

Plant Life Cycle Tracking

Project Budburst 

Report Non-native Invasive Species

Early Detection & Distribution Mapping System

Florida Natural Areas Inventory

Rare plant and animal sightings 

Get Inspired

Arthur Conan Doyle was the creator of the character Sherlock Holmes who is featured in 4 novels and 56 short stories. Sherlock Holmes is the most famous literary detective. He uncovered the truth of crimes and mysteries by making careful observations. Learn more about those adventures here.
Wildlife Detectives sherlock holmes