SWA Greenway Trail System

The Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County strives to set an example in the way we balance industry and nature. Our massive industrial complex stands next to thousands of acres of natural areas, including Grassy Waters Preserve. The SWA Greenway Trail system is a 300-acre natural area with almost six miles of trails. In 1985, this area was permanently designated as a conservation area, as it's a vital habitat for the endangered snail kite. In this conservation area, you can bike or walk through diverse upland and wetland habitats, pine flatwoods, cabbage palm hammocks, marshes, wet prairies and lakes. By protecting this important habitat, we're improving the quality of life for both the public and the wildlife that use it. You can learn more about our trails at swa.org/trails.

2016 SWA Greenway Trail System Map_Web