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Aug 15

What Do You Do? Education Specialist

Posted on August 15, 2017 at 5:16 PM by Becky Robinson

In this edition of What Do You Do?, Dawn Perez shares what it's like to be an Education Specialist for the SWA.

Dawn Perez 3

Tell us about what you do for the SWA.
I am an Education Specialist at the Solid Waste Authority. This entails leading school and community tours, as well VIP tours (hard hat tours) at many of our facilities (Renewable Energy Facility 2, Recovered Materials Processing Facility, etc). I also educate the public during special events, including both SWA events (like the Run AWAY 5K and Celebrate America Recycles Day at the SWA) and community events, so you may see me around the community often! Community presentations and school presentations are also part of my job, as well as occasionally helping answer the 866-NEW-BINS line and more!

I am here to make the public aware of how we manage the county’s garbage and to help people understand how to Recycle Right Everyday! Oh – and have you seen our beautiful trail system? I also lead tours on the trails!  

Dawn Perez 2
Perez, second from the left, helping SWA's 3R Ambassadors on a trip to Grassy Waters Everglades Preserve

What is unique about working for the SWA?
The SWA is unique in general - it is where industry and nature coexist on the same footprint. We have the cleanest, greenest renewable energy facility in all of North America and the only one built in the last 15-20 years! It’s very unique that I have the chance to educate people not only about the industrial side of what we do, but also the environmental side of the SWA. It’s great to be able to make such an impact on the community and really help others to be more mindful of their waste.  

Dawn Perez 1
Perez explaining Renewable Energy Facility 2 to visitors in the Viewing Gallery

What do you like best about working for the SWA?
I like the exciting challenges that arise, the SWA’s commitment to being a leader in environmental stewardship, as well as their commitment to professional growth and development. Of course, the people here are great, too!  

What would you tell others who are thinking about applying for a job at the SWA?
It’s a great company with wonderful opportunities and I think you will really like it here. Make sure you know how to recycle (do your research)! Oh – and it wouldn’t hurt to thoroughly look over our website to get more details on what the SWA does for the community.

Interested in becoming an Education Specialist? The SWA is hiring»


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