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Mar 15

In the Bin: Old news edition

Posted on March 15, 2017 at 5:19 PM by Becky Robinson

We sometimes see the strangest items surrendered in recycling bins and at Home Chemical and Recycling Centers. In the Bin is a recurring feature that highlights the more delightful odds and ends that make their way through Palm Beach County's waste stream.

In this edition, we bring you a pair of periodicals that are way past their prime. 

Brown and White 2

The Lehigh University published its fall edition of the Brown and White on Nov. 4, 1949, in Bethlehem, PA. How or why this paper came to be at one of our Home Chemical and Recycling Centers is a mystery, but it is an intriguing peek into history.

Brown and White 1

Only $2.75? Winner, winner, pheasant dinner!

Brown and White 3

Equally unexplained is this Feb. 12, 1962, edition of the New York Post.

NY Post 1

NY Post 2

We especially appreciate the Florida connection, as this article describes the weather problems threatening John Glenn's historic orbit of the Earth. Glenn would launch on Feb. 20, 1962 - just eight days after this paper ran - from Cape Canaveral, FL, aboard the Mercury capsule Friendship 7, an event central to the recent movie Hidden Figures.

NY Post 3

NY Post 4


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