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Apr 06

3 Surprising Things You Might Not Have Noticed on Your Recycling Bin

Posted on April 6, 2017 at 9:24 AM by Becky Robinson

A thousand high fives to each one of you who take the time to schlep extra bins to the curb each week. You are recycling heroes. 

Ash Vs Evil Dead - Let's go save the world

No matter how dedicated you are to this weekly eco deed, there are some recycling hints on your blue and yellow recycle bins that may surprise you.

#1 Instructions included

Blue 25 list_web

What goes in the blue and yellow recycle bin? Yep, that is written on the side. 

I love to read

Milk cartons go in the blue?! Cereal boxes go in the yellow. Indeed. Says so right there.

#2 Tell me more.

Blue 18 URL_web

If the little list isn't doing it for you, the URL on your recycling bin is a gateway to a ridiculous amount of information.

too much info

It's a veritable Recyclopedia. Specifics about exactly what CANNOT be recycled are always the most mind-blowing. Plastic forks do not go in either recycling bin, people!

#3 Who ya gonna call?

Yellow 18 Bin List_web

 Have a question so involved you want to ask a real person? Need a replacement for a well-loved bin?

ask a question

Good news! Just call the phone number that's printed right on the side of the bin: 866-NEW-BINS (866-639-2467). I literally just copied that off the side of the recycling bin. 

bird anwering phone

The Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County (us) is the final destination for recycling in Palm Beach County, and we are in charge of creating and distributing recycling bins. So, while your bins may get emptied by the city or a private company, you can always call us for pressing recycling questions. We're your experts.

Recycle Right isn't just our catchphrase - It's everyone's responsibility. 


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