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Apr 19

Papermaking it up!

Posted on April 19, 2017 at 9:54 AM by Dawn Perez

As an educator, it is always wonderful to see concepts that you teach at the Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County being reinforced and come to life!

We schedule hundreds of school tours and presentations every year and one of the experiences that really stands out to me is educator Kate Lane’s Ecology Club at Wellington Elementary. Kate contacted me to schedule our How is Paper Recycled into New Paper Environmental Lesson, also known as papermaking! In this presentation, students learn how paper products are sorted at our Recovered Materials Processing Facility (our recycling center) and what happens to paper when it arrives at the paper mill. In the end, they make their own piece of recycled paper to take with them. It’s a very fun, interactive lesson and the students absolutely love it!

Students making paper in our 3R Ambassador's Camp in 2013

One of the pre-lesson activities we send to schools scheduled for our papermaking program is to review the History of Papermaking worksheet and have the students make a mural. To my surprise, before our educators had even stepped into the classroom for a visit, Ms. Lane’s Ecology Club did something even more creative – they made scenes from the History of Papermaking out of Legos!


It was refreshing and enjoyable to see these students use the pre-lesson material to come up with something so great. I hope everyone enjoys the video as much as I have!


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