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May 12

Dear Recyclinda: The SWA did not pick up my recycling/trash!

Posted on May 12, 2017 at 12:12 PM by Becky Robinson


Dear Recyclinda,

The SWA truck did not pick up my recycling/trash!

Annoyed in the Acreage

 Ah, Annoyed, I feel your pain.

Here’s the thing: the Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County does not collect waste and recycling at the curb. Instead, the SWA is the government agency who is the final destination for processing the waste and recycling in Palm Beach County. You should never see an SWA truck picking up garbage and recycling at your curb.

We do, however, contract for the waste and recycling collection with private companies for residents in the unincorporated parts of the County. So if you live in unincorporated Palm Beach County, your trash and recycling is picked up by private companies working on an SWA contract. Should they miss a pick up, please call the SWA Customer Service Team is at 561-697-2700 or email them. They will need your address so we can pinpoint the hauler that services your home.

If you live within a city boundary, call them directly about your missed pick-up. We have compiled a municipal contact list for just such a situation»

You can also learn more about your city’s garbage and recyclables collection in the Recyclopedia (PDF)»


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