What air quality controls will be used at Renewable Energy Facility 2?
As the EPA has specific emissions limits for facilities that combust waste to produce energy, the Solid Waste Authority is incorporating the most modern and most sophisticated air pollution control systems of any facility of its kind in the world! All of the emission levels from the Renewable Energy Facility 2 will be below the Federal standards. In fact, the performance of the emissions control equipment is guaranteed by the manufacturers and by the facility operator.

Air emissions from the facility are monitored in a number of ways. Renewable Energy Facility 2 has a number of Continuous Emissions Monitors (CEM), required by our permits, which sample and analyze air quality on a continuous basis. In addition, there are quarterly and annual emission tests required to demonstrate the performance of the emissions control equipment and Renewable Energy Facility 2’s compliance with emissions standards. All of this information will be recorded and reported to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP).

The Solid Waste Authority permits also require us to self-report to FDEP if there is any upset condition or performance that impacts emissions. There is a potential for significant penalties for exceeding emission limits and failing to report them, both as fines and penalties. If permit requirements are deliberately violated, there are potential civil or criminal penalties for Solid Waste Authority managers individually.

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