How do I dispose of old tires?

It’s important for everyone to put their waste in the proper place. Tires are no exception.

For residents living in unincorporated Palm Beach County, up to two tires, off the rim, are collected curbside on your bulk collection day, per year for FREE. Residents who live in one of Palm Beach County’s 39 municipalities should contact their municipality directly for their curbside tire collection rules. A list of municipal contacts can be found online.

Any county resident may take old tires to the Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County’s Customer Convenience Drop-off Center at the landfill, 6330 N. Jog Road in West Palm Beach. There will be a disposal charge at this location.

  • Whole passenger tires or whole truck tires without rims will be charged the “tire” rate of $100/ton or $10/cubic yard.
  • Tires with rims, large tires and all others will be charged the higher rate of $190/ton or $21.38/cubic yard.
  • Passenger tires, including tractor-trailer tires, cut into eight or more substantially equal pieces or oversized/off-road tires shredded to less than 4” x 4” x 2” pieces will be charged $10/ton or $2.65/cubic yard.

Download the Authority's Tip Fee Rate Schedule.

NOTE: There are specific laws that commercial businesses must follow. Businesses looking to dispose of tires should call SWA Customer Service at 561-697-2700 for disposal options.

Learn more about bringing waste to an SWA facility.

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