Are bulk items picked up at the curb?

In unincorporated Palm Beach County, bulk item pick up is provided once a week and limited to 3 items on your scheduled bulk collection day. Should more than 3 items be placed at the curb, none will be collected. 

Place items like appliances, furniture and large household items that do not fit in the cart at the curb, making sure that nothing is stacked on top of water or gas meters, under low branches or utility wires, or within 3 feet of mail boxes or fire hydrants. 

For safety reasons, please: 

  • Remove or seal doors on all appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, washers and dryers so that children cannot crawl inside and become trapped. 
  • Break up all mirrors, glass doors, glass table tops, pane glass, etc. and place them in the cart. 

Bulk that does not meet these guidelines will not be collected. If there is more than three bulk items, call the SWA for an estimate to have the items removed. It is the residents’ responsibility to either modify how the waste is set out so that it meets the guidelines, or transport it to the Customer Convenience Drop-Off Center at the SWA landfill or an SWA transfer station, which does incur a disposal fee. 

Learn more about bringing waste to an SWA facility»

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