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Customer Service

  1. Comments by the Public

    This is an online comment card for SWA meetings. All comments will be read into the record by the clerk for a maximum of three minutes... More…

  2. Debris Meeting Presentation Comments

    A Debris Management Coordination Meeting is held annually, bringing together the SWA, the municipalities and special districts to... More…

  3. Recycled Paint Donation Program Application

    The Recycled Paint Donation Program is a one-time donation of exterior latex recycled paint that is available for qualified homeowners... More…

  1. Contact Customer Services
  2. Public Records Request

    Request for public records

  3. RSVP me for the Palm Beach County Hurricane Debris Management Preparedness Meeting

    RSVP form for Debris Management Preparedness Meeting


  1. 2021 Virtual Run AWAY 5K Completion Form
  2. Community Presentation Request

    This is for communities and businesses to request a presentation with the SWA Education Team.

  3. Field Experience Request

    This is for schools to request a field experience program at the SWA.

  4. Help Thank Essential Waste Workers

    Our day-to-day lives may have changed a lot, but thanks to essential waste workers, our way of life is still the same. Garbage haulers... More…

  5. School Environmental Lesson Request

    This is for schools to request an environmental lesson with the SWA Education Team.

  6. Virtual Lessons

    This form is to request a school or community virtual lesson with the SWA Education Team.

  1. A Green Way Workshop Series

    Workshop Registration Form

  2. Community Tour Request

    This is for residents to request a facility tour at the SWA.

  3. Guided Trail Walk Request

    This is for residents to request a guided trail walk at the SWA Greenway Trail System.

  4. ReTeach! Waste Program Application

    This is an application for educators wishing to attend our ReTeach Waste Program.

  5. SWA America Recycles Day Coloring Contest Entry Form

    Submit your coloring page entry to the SWA America Recycles Day coloring contest.