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Help Thank Essential Waste Workers

  1. Help Thank Essential Waste Workers
    Our day-to-day lives may have changed a lot, but thanks to essential waste workers, our way of life is still the same. Garbage haulers and solid waste facility operators continue their job of protecting public health and the environment.

    You and your family can help show support for these hard workers. Expressions of thanks include:
    • Photos of yard posters thanking garbage haulers
    • Images of garbage workers and families waving or with a thumbs up sign
    • Photos of driveway chalk messages
    • Cardboard box with thank you messages on it and leave at curb
    • Selfies with thank you letters

    The SWA will share your photos and videos on social media and present them to waste workers. Just post/tag the SWA on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter, or upload submissions below.

    Message ideas:
    • Keep up the Great Work!
    • We need you more than you know.
    • Thank you for always being on the job.
    • We appreciate all that you do!

    Thank you for supporting essential waste workers, and many thanks to the men and women who continue to provide these invaluable services.
  2. For any files over 10 Mb in size, please use to send. Please keep all videos 15 seconds or less.
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